Internet Service

We supply a competitive and reliable Broadband service to suit your business needs and budget. What’s more, Apponotec engineers will fully install your network and provide support for the duration of the contract.

It makes perfect sense to get your Broadband service and IT support from the same company. Such an arrangement streamlines your payments and you have only one number to call if you experience any IT issue.

We offer a range of Broadband options:

  • Internet Leased Line – Totally dedicated connection that is flexible and scalable. Private and secure with guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Bonded DSL – Combine up to 4 standard broadband lines to create high-speed connection. Resilient and cost effective.
  • Fibre Broadband – Superior broadband technology providing the fastest speeds available.
  • ADSL – Wires only approach with flexible connection options and fast speeds.

We are happy to tailor our broadband service to fit your business and your budget. Whatever option you require, you can be sure that our Broadband service will be fast, responsive and reliable.

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