Facilities Management

We’re not just here for when things go wrong. Information technology is always evolving and systems need upgrading to make the most of the latest advances.

Your business is always changing, too, and that means that you’ll constantly need new software and upgrades as well as valuable advice.

Contract an IT professional

With the Facilities Management service from Apponotec, you can hire out one of our IT professionals to visit your premises and carry out a range of jobs, depending on the needs of your business at the time. These could include:

  • Setting up new user accounts on the server
  • Configuring a new PC on the network
  • Routine maintenance and installation
  • Consultation – offering advice on anything from upgrades to potential issues that may need addressing before they occur

Case Studies

You can hire our IT professional as and when you need the service, or we can arrange a contract for a regular visit.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

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