About Us

Tired of working for IT support companies who were providing a sub-standard service, Apponotec was founded in 2008 with a vision of taking IT services to a level above what is expected.

Our Aim

The word ‘appono’ comes from the Latin ‘to serve’ and the aim of Apponotec has always been to provide a range of flexible IT services suited to the needs of each individual client.


Our People

Apponotec staff are all fully trained professionals and are kept up-to-date with the latest IT developments, meaning that our advice and support will always be in keeping with modern trends.

Our Approach

We like to foster an intimate professional relationship with customers, often speaking on first-name terms. This helps to keep the business friendly and accessible – an important asset when it comes to dealing with the frustration on IT!


Our Belief

No modern business can perform to its maximum potential whilst their key staff are worrying about a functioning IT infrusture. We can take those worries away, leaving your business to be productive, professional and profitable as it can be.


“Apponotec provide CTW with remote and on-site IT support. Their friendly, flexible service meets our needs exactly. They are always very quick to respond to any IT issues we have, and are also very pro-active with regards to assessing our IT setup. As well as supporting our users, they have carried out a number of projects for us over the years in order to improve how we work with our IT systems. They are always happy to be our point of contact with any other 3rd parties, and then refer back to us with relevant information – saving us a lot of time. Apponotec are a very valued service provider and we would recommend them to anyone.”

Martin Bowers

Director, Cook Taylor Woodhouse

“We have a great relationship with Apponotec and have been working together for many years. They are very responsive when we have day to day calls. On top of that, we have had a few urgent problems in the past and help was with us within the hour. We feel Apponotec are part of our team and a key player in keeping our service running smoothly.”

Caroline O'Connor

Financial Manager, Richard House Children's Hospice

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